Richard N Rhodes

A little bit about me

I'm curious by nature and creative by design.

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About Me

As a creative professional I have over a decade of experience handling communications needs, developing and implementing communications plans, and establish and maintain customized and engaging content for fortune 500 companies, nonprofits and everything in between, as well as program launches, and other large-scale initiatives. Additionally, I have handled tactical communication campaigns for various public affairs issues. I use a consultative approach to collaborate with my clients to make sure seamless, consistent and efficient communications plans and collateral that yield results and solves problems.

I embrace a philosophy called Design Thinking, a method for practical and creative problem solving developed by Mark Kelley. While it has its origins in the 1970s, the application of Design Thinking is still a very new concept for modern business. Design Thinking breaks the mold of typical “tried-and-true” problem solving by opening up problem-solving to a possibility. I start by exploring, identifying and understanding the full context of a problem. From there I apply uninhibited creative thinking to generate possible solutions. I then analyze each solution and apply only those that work within the framework established at the start of a project.

My purpose is to help people, brands, companies, organizations, and institutions illuminate and elevate their ideas. I deliver thinking that catalyzes change. Whether you are looking for a standalone piece or a complete communications program in a variety of media, I can help.