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I see my work primarily to be a catalyst for positive change. I achieve this by partnering my clients’ ideas with the knowledge base and creativity needed to turn them into effective branding and strategic solutions.
The results are new approaches, concepts, and experiences that bring value to the lives of those my clients wish to reach.
Since 2003, I’ve built my reputation on the foundation of asking deep and tough questions in order to uncover the “why,” which is the true essence of any business, organization, product, process, or brand. I embrace a philosophy called Design Thinking, a method for practical and creative problem-solving developed by Mark Kelley. While it has its origins in the 1970s, the application of Design Thinking is still a very new concept for modern business. Design Thinking breaks the mold of typical “tried-and-true” problem-solving by opening up problem-solving to possibility.
I start by exploring, identifying, and understanding the full context of a problem. From there, I apply uninhibited creative thinking to generate possible solutions. I then analyze each solution and apply only those that work within the framework established at the start of a project. Design Thinking crosses traditional boundaries among public, for-profit, and nonprofit sectors. It allows original, effective, high-impact solutions to bubble up from below rather than be imposed from above.

My thinking leads to results. It delivers ideas that you can see, that compel people to act, that move, and that inspire like-minded individuals to innovate for the greater good collectively.
My thinking illuminates challenges, creates value, and leads to opportunity.
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Richard N. Rhodes

meWhile the entire creative process is really about you, the client, you still want to be comfortable with your strategic partners. I have a proven track record of producing successful solutions across a wide variety of public, private, and nonprofit sectors. My expertise, creativity, and commitment to excellence are what differentiate my solutions in the marketplace.

I have more than a decade and a half of experience providing solutions for various business sectors as well as the community. During this span, I’ve fostered professional relationships with some of today’s leading experts, consultants, organizations, and business leaders and collaborated with them and others to offer a comprehensive approach to providing solutions.

In 2006, I established the RNR Design Group, a boutique communications design studio. As the owner, creative director, and lead designer, I tackled complex projects, including business-to-business and business-to-consumer marketing and advertising campaigns. Fortune 500 clients I have worked with include AT&T, Wells Fargo, and the Regional Transportation District (RTD), to name a few. I have also handled tactical communication campaigns and community engagement initiatives for numerous issues.

My knowledge and expertise, along with the latest technology advances, are the platforms for the development and delivery of branding, marketing, and advertising services to small and large corporations as well as nonprofit organizations.

Click here for my resume and background.

Core Collaborators

I believe in a culture of thinkers who do. As such, I surround myself with like-minded individuals who seek to learn from one another and explore ways to create new solutions through cross-pollination. These are people I know I can reach out to from time to time and bounce around ideas, and they know they can do the same. This includes current and former clients, past professors, individuals, or organizations I’ve worked with in one capacity or another.

  • Alex Wilson Interactive Designer

  • Kevin King Leadership & Management Expert

  • David Starck Visual Communications Expert

  • Marci Johnson Photographer & Videographer

  • Mary Jackson Marketing & PR

  • Leslie Horna Marketing & PR

  • Paula McClain Marketing & PR

  • Adnan Shawkat Tanim Developer

  • Whitney Traylor Mediator | Media Analyst | Speaker | Moderator

  • Michael Smith Business and Operations Consultant

  • Antwan Jefferson, PhD Clinical Assistant Professor & Editor in Chief

  • Kristen Kidd Executive Producer

To My Clients

Over the years, the symbiotic relationship within our culture has allowed us to amass a lot of knowledge about a lot of subjects. Fueled by Design Thinking, this often leads us to go beyond the outlined scope of a project and identify additional areas of focus that would benefit our clients. This might be new markets they should explore, it might be an additional audience they could reach, it might be an expansion of offerings or an innovative way to frame their current ones, or it might be a completely different approach to solve the problem on which they are focused.

To Our Network

think | RNR is more than just an external call to action. It is also a mantra to provide exposure and opportunity through the sharing of knowledge and ideas internally. Through years of working with a great network of thinkers with proven track records, we’ve often found opportunities to help one of our partners solve an issue simply by connecting them with another of our partners. We are each known for our specific expertise, but we seek out ways to learn from one another and explore new solutions through cross-pollination. We’re always on the lookout for like-minded individuals, companies, or organizations. If you feel you align with our core values and approach, we’d love to hear from you.


We’ve built our brand around the fact that, well, we’re really good at building brands. Creating them, refining them, reinventing and nurturing them. We leverage the unique thinking and knowledge of our business and communications strategists, writers, designers, developers, and programmers to produce content across the whole media spectrum from traditional broadcast, print, collateral, and direct mail to new media including web, email, social media, apps, and mobile products. Our business expertise, creativity, and commitment to excellence differentiate our clients in their marketplace. Our use of Design Thinking helps us create narratives that inform, instruct and persuade on behalf of our clients.

Thinking for results

What kind of thinking leads to breakthrough ideas? At RNR, we use a process of illumination—making things clear; connecting the dots. For us, it’s about getting the big picture, the complete story. think | RNR is this paradigm at work. It is an evolutionary process that illuminates the collaborative nature of the journey that leads to an original, effective solution. think | RNR is a state of mind.

think | RNR is a catalyst for change. It works by elevating our clients’ ideas and generating value through targeted partnerships that bring the added knowledge they need to solve their particular problem. At RNR we’ve built our reputation by asking the deep and tough questions to get to the essence, or the “why,” for individuals, businesses, organizations, products, processes, and brands.

No excuses

We don’t make excuses. We Make It Happen. You don’t survive in today’s climate by niceties and charm alone. At the end of the day you must produce results, create value and actually solve problems—often all three simultaneously.

This means you can’t drop the ball. You must remain accountable for the promises and expectations of those for whom you work and with whom you collaborate. This is how we’ve continued to thrive. We continuously go over and above to find each client’s perfect solution, minding all of the details and delivering on time, every time. There are no such things as excuses; only solutions.

Strategy is everything

Ideas are Crucial. Strategy is Important. Execution is Everything.

It’s one thing to come up with an amazing idea. The trick is persuading an audience to believe in your idea just as much as you do. For truly unique thinking, this may simply take the courage to take that first step, and to stand by your idea with confidence and conviction, knowing you might not nail it the first time, but with some adjustments along the way, you will ultimately succeed. More importantly, we recognize that the strategy behind an idea is extremely important, and it is highly critical how that strategy is implemented. We believe firmly in showing, not telling.

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.

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