Richard N Rhodes

A growth mindset.

Always learning and growing.

My Thinking

The whole reason I exists is to be a catalyst for change. I achieve this by partnering my clients’ ideas with the knowledge base needed to turn them into effective solutions.

The results are new approaches, concepts and experiences that bring value to the lives of those our clients wish to reach.

Since 2003, I have built a reputation on the foundation of asking the deep and tough questions in order to uncover the “why,” which is the true essence of any business, organization, product, process or brand.

I embrace a philosophy called Design Thinking, a method for practical and creative problem solving developed by Mark Kelley. While it has its origins in the 1970s, the application of Design Thinking is still a very new concept for modern business. Design Thinking breaks the mold of typical “tried-and-true” problem solving by opening up problem solving to possibility. I start by exploring, identifying and understanding the full context of a problem. From there I apply uninhibited creative thinking to generate possible solutions. I then analyze each solution and apply only those that work within the framework established at the start of a project.

Design Thinking crosses traditional boundaries among public, for-profit and nonprofit sectors. It allows original, effective, high-impact solutions to bubble up from below rather than be imposed from above. The primary focus is on how my thinking impacts the human experience.

My thinking leads to results. It delivers ideas that you can see, that compel people to act, that move and inspire like-minded individuals to collectively innovate for the greater good. mine is thinking that illuminates challenges, creates value and leads to opportunity.

Over the years, the symbiotic relationship with with my peers and clients has allowed me to amass a lot of knowledge about a lot of subjects. Fueled by Design Thinking, this often leads me to go beyond the outlined scope of a project and identify additional areas of focus that would benefit my clients. This might be new markets they should explore, it might be an additional audience they could reach, it might be an expansion of offerings or an innovative way to frame their current ones, or it might be a completely different approach to solve the problem on which they are focused.