Richard N Rhodes

CCF Case Study


Colorado Christian Fellowship (faith-based/non-profit)


To brand a capital campaign and leverage this initial brand and transition it to renew and relaunch the organization’s core brand. Additionally, we helped with web development and strategic communications of both efforts.


Creating a brand is a complex process that is most successful when it produces clear and simple results. An effective brand is one that conveys promise and direction. It is memorable and compelling. It is easy to say, write and remember. It is easily communicated across all forms of media.

As it embarked on a capital fundraising campaign, Colorado Christian Fellowship, a church in Aurora, Colo., wanted to communicate an approach to ministry and life that is authentic, friendly, supportive and laid back — a “home away from home,” the senior pastor called it.

We crafted the look and feel of the capital campaign after consulting with dozens of church members and attending services and church events to make observations. We wanted to see the church in action. We wanted to understand the fabric that knits together its members and ministry partners and to better understand what would motivate them to support the church’s capital campaign and continue to advance its mission afterwards.

The capital campaign was unfurled under the tagline, “Building a Place to Call Home.” All messaging and collateral evoked the sense of care, support, safety — and fun — that the church offers its visitors and members.

Our forward-thinking helped the church relaunch its main brand several months after the capital campaign’s launch. We assisted the church with its transition to a new brand identity and color palette based on the capital-campaign themes and messaging that members had interacted with for many weeks. Because of my carefully laid groundwork, the church’s new identity and messaging required only subtle shifts in language and some imagery.

Today, Colorado Christian Fellowship refers to itself simply as, “A Place to Call Home.”

CCF Case Study