Richard N Rhodes

DPS PSPI Case Study


“Get Your ED On!” campaign for Denver Public Schools’ (DPS) Parent Student Portal Initiative (PSPI)


Introduce DPS’s new online Parent/Student Portal to a vast array of stakeholders as well as Develop comprehensive/targeted messaging materials and outreach opportunities that reinforce the need for these stakeholders and audiences to utilize the enhanced PSPI program.


What I created had to become a movement from the start. I knew instinctively that people were not going to be excited about another website. I sought to turn this challenge into an opportunity for people to “Get Their ED On”.

Strategic Communications & Planning
I developed a comprehensive plan that covered all stakeholder audiences including parents, students, teachers, administrators and community leaders.

Branded Collateral
I ensured consistent messaging and established a branded identity, image and system that met the requirements of all of the projects needs

Partnerships and Co-branding
Networks can reap big results in the form of broad community support, partnerships, fresh ideas and resources. I helped identified local, professional organizations and government agencies that would be willing to support the collaborative.

Public Outreach/Grassroots Advocacy
To create excitement and build awareness around the portal, I helped organized several informational events and sessions to engage and educate stakeholder audiences.

DPS PSPI Case Study